Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hard Times and Tribulations

John Joseph at Knitting Factory, NY 12/28/08. Photo by Ami.

Back in December, I caught the "Cro-Mags" (John Joseph & Mackie + A.J. from Leeway and Craig from S.O.I.A.) at one of the last shows at the downtown Knitting Factory. I won't get into whether this counted as a real Cro-Mags show or not, I was just psyched to get to see some of my favorite songs ever performed live in front of a crowd that loved them as much as I do. John and Co. did not disappoint, tearing through everything from Age of Quarrel, Demoniac off of Best Wishes and some well chosen covers. Only way the set could have been improved would be if they'd played Hard Times twice. If you missed it, looks like you'll get a second chance. They're doing it all over again at the Europa on March 29th with Maximum Penalty (!) and Dump Body (who?) on the bill. Tickets here.

(Quick note about shows at the Europa- They book some awesome bands, but make sure they're not planning on cutting the headliner off half-way through their set in order to get Polish Disco Night started like they did when I went to see Withered there in December. Not cool.)

From a life-long favorite to a new discovery- I just got ahold of The Horror, the most recent release from Sweden's Tribulation. I guess these guys have been around for a minute, but they are new to me. Maybe that's because despite dropping various demos and EPs over the years, this is their first proper full length. It fucking destroys. A brutal blend of classic death/black/thrash that manages to feel fresh and contemporary. If you love a great, evil, buzzsaw metal assault like I do, click the link above and check these guys out. They are on Pulverized, the same label as the mighty Watain, so maybe they'll take a cue from their labelmates and actually tour the States, unlike so many other Scandinavian bands. Would love to see these guys live.

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